Tara (scoogy139) wrote,


So I havent posted in some time...
I guess things just havent been interesting.
I have been drunk and high a lot, that's for sure, so maybe I just can't remember anything, lol, jk.
Things have been rough though. Gramma is back home and I have to help take care of her... and no one could begin to imagine how hard it is unless they had to do it themselves. My social life has been put off a little, but what can I do about that?
I've been a bit depressed for the last 2 months, for obvious reasons, but hopefully this year will be different, and I can make myself feel better and become happier within the next few weeks. Although I know what I should do bc I am just hurting myself, but I can't seem to bc I don't want to lose everything. If you don't know what I'm talking about, its for the best.

well, even writing this entry is boring me, so if anything exciting comes up, maybeeee ill post it, but its doubtful... i guess i really ahvent been in a livejournal mood.

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